Nowadays, we are more conscious of what we buy in order to be mindful of our planet. We also want to make sustainable choices when it comes to fashion. Fast fashion is still part of our consumer environment, however, people are moving away from this and instead, choosing high-quality pieces over the ‘cheap and cheerful’ mass produced products. People are most conscious of the choices they’re making and are now leaning towards creating a capsule wardrobe of quality, versatile pieces. Buying quality over quantity means saving in the long run but also means you buy an investment piece that will last!

When you buy an investment piece, it needs to work in your wardrobe. It can’t be one of those items we only pull out on special occasions, it needs to be adaptable! 

Here’s an example of the stunning red cape coat worn in various ways.

This luxurious wool cape coat can be worn glammed up with some statement trousers and heels. Who doesn’t love a colour clash?!

The bow detail on the cape coat is detachable and wait for it.. it has pockets! The cape coat of dreams!

Here it’s worn with the trousers from our Smokin Suit. Another really versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Perfect for mix and match!

You can also dress it down with jeans and keep it casual. It’s teamed here with our Tess blouse in the powder blue shade.

Every piece you invest in needs to work for you in your wardrobe. This is definitely a capsule piece that can be worn for any occasion in any season! A must have!